Prayer to help pass all my classes

by Grace ()

Oh heavenly lord I pray that I pass all my classes this six weeks. I have tried and tried , worked and worked. It seems it is just not enough.

If I don’t pass I will let my parents down my team down and let everyone down. I know i wont let you down because you love me no matter what. No matter how hard things are on earth i know it will be worth while in the end. Now i ask of you, for guidance and for help to let me get passing grades.

I know I’m not the best christian I don’t go to church every week like I should or read the bible enough. But I know in my heart i love you and i pray to you every night and and whom i share my thoughts and feelings of the world. In this i ask for your blessing and to help me pass my classes. I for sure am trying to be a better christian and I promise I will go to church more, but lord please help me.

Your loving Daughter,