Prayer to Help our Small Business

by Sw (Pa)

St. Jude, we are in desperate need of you help! Our business as a subcontractor is being wrongfully used as an escape goat by a large general contractor who has grossly mismanaged the job site. This contractor now realizes their huge mistakes in their planning & is setting up our small business to take the fall for all their mismanaging mistakes.

Please I beg you to help us! We cannot afford to loose anymore money or time on this job. We are on the brink of loosing everything! Please St. Jude intercede & help our business. Protect us from this negativity, & make this general contractor be responsible for his own bad decisions. We have done everything to help this job succeed countless times. And now that the worst has come to realize, they are dumping this on our business! St. Jude, you are our last hope! Please, please help us!

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