Prayer to Help Others

Lord i haven’t worked much this year and made very little money yet iam helping many. They still come to me for help which iam stay giving. Lord iam praying for enough to take care of my needs, Family, and to help others.

Its not for greedy. I have placed myself in a weak position with money by helping so many out. I will not have if anything goes wrong in my life to fix my own problems. Yes Lord i believe in you and i give because others need more than me. Still Lord i worry about this.

I do worry about my own well being for helping. You blessed me with a new job not too long go which i thank you however Lord my check is not enough for the help iam giving to others. Each time i pray for money it seems to get worst not better. Iam not asking for greed.

A car or anything like that. Iam asking to help others and have enough for me to take care of myself if things go wrong. I dont spend money on anything clothes, shoes things for the house. I help others more than i buy things for me.

I only buy what i need food etc. Pay the bills i need to pay. I dont shop or go out. I work stay home pray church and give. Lord please this worries me. Iam scare of falling and no one helping me after i helped so many its how it always ends. I have given so much if i fall no one will help. It hurts lord to think this way its does. Please Lord bless me so i can bless myself and others with help.