Prayer to Help My Wife and Our Marriage

by CGT (Washington, DC)

Dear God, Please help my marriage as after almost 24 years is in very bad shape. I was too strict, controlling and too much involved in being a provider and protector – but not much of being and showing of a loving husband.

I do love my wife and family and are ready to give my life for them. I have been separated from my wife for 4 months now and live alone, lost my job and all my friends became very distant. I have gone thru intensive counseling, therapy and various programs to change my behavior, character and way of living.

My wife still does not trust me and is not willing to give me another chance. I love her so much and I know she loves me too. Please God help us reconcile, go over this dramatic separation, heal our wounds and get our relation stronger moving forward and make us happier – as were at the beginning.

I am desperate and drag myself from day to day with one single hope – get back to my wife and prove her that we can be happy and the past will never come back. God hear my pray and help me and my wife. Amen.

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