Prayer to Help my loving Mum

by You Know Who I Am (-)

Dear Lord and all the Angels and Saints please help my beautiful loving and caring Mum

She worrys alot and does soooo much for others, please protect her, guide her, be with her always, please heal her pain, anxiety, depression, stress and fears, please make her be healthy safe and happy always, she worrys alot for me her only daughter please be with her and tell her everthing will be alright, please protect her and heal all her pain and please remove any negative thoughts, please don’t make her lonely anymore, please help her with guidance from her partner, I dont want her to live alone when the day comes when I get married and have healthy happy children with a loving caring husband who will take care of me and love me always this is Mums wish and I wish for her to be healthy and happy always and not to feel loney anymore, please always keep her healtly and please remove her health probelms she can’t wait for the day I marry and see my children
grow, please help her and our family, please hear our prayers Lord, Jesus, Mother Mary and all the Angels and Saints I would be forever greatful help me to make all the right descions in life, please protect us and help my Mum.
Love always

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