Prayer to help my husband to get rid of alcohol addiction and to know Jesus Christ

by Mary (India)

Dear Lord, I strongly believe in you and my life is in your hand. I chose my husband and handed him before you. But i don’t know what went wrong. Every time he criticizes Jesus, my religion. He drinks and talks very abusive about christians which hurts me very badly. I know you are still a merciful God who never punish him and had blessed me with 2 beautiful girls. God! he is going worse.. drinking a lot.. made a lot of debts.. stealing money, lying, abusive.. still I love him.. I believe in Jesus Christ.. and i know my lord will help him come out of his addiction and will show true mercy and love on him. Lord! things are going worse.. we are sinking. Hold me Lord. Save my family. Forgive my husband and help him to know your love. I pray to you in the name of my lord Jesus. Amen.

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