Prayer to help my husband find permanent employment

by Tonia (Vancouver)

Dear Lord,

Last year our family was shattered when my husband was let go from a senior position in a company where he worked for ten years suuccessfully. At times I still can’t believe it happened.

We have been very forunate that our hardwork has given our family comfortable lives. He has been looking to find a similar job at the level he left his last position but with not much success to date.

He has had some good fortune to find contract work to keep him busy but that will run out. I am praying everyday that things change for us soon. Its affecting our daughters and I just want our family at a good place again. Dear god please help him find the employment that will make him happy and bring our family closer again. Please make a special prayer for the one opportunity that came his way a few months ago and has not yet been decided.

It would be the perfect job for him and keep him close to home. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story with all those others looking for their prayers to be answers too. God please listen to us all and help us where you can.