prayer to help my fiancee see the good in himself and me and our family

by Diane (Ny)

Please dear God show him all the good that I see in him in himself. Please help him to forgive me for my imprefections on treating his daughter the way I was treated growing up as I have made changes and we are better and have been so now for a month.

She does not want to move with him as he does now and says it is me not being motherly enough to he, he has issues with my middle son who is in constant bickering with his daughter due to the closeness in age I feel. He also says that he has hit a wall and has shut down and does not feel the same for me anymore, he says it is to late but I feel it is never to late.

He also says that we would not be able to try to get back together if he is still living with me, which is also confusing. Plus he is unhappy with where he is in life. (midlife Crisis) He has no job, nothing but me and the kids. We have a home but it is “mine” we have a car but it is “mine” he is the co owner.

We have kids that is about it. Yes we are blended family he has a 23 yr old son and a 9 yr old daughter I have a 13yr old and 10 year old son and we have a 4 year old son together. We are so upset that he is not trying to work things out with all of us.

I have been praying for the past month every day and night all day long and even his daughter has been praying to make him see what he is doing to everyone and to just give me a little glimmer of hope and have faith in us to make things better.

Please help me and him and our family for that matter to help him and convince him to try with us, we me/ I am so tired of being alone with him here. Please help him find his way back to me and not find someone else.
Thank you everyone