Prayer to Help My Family and I

by Anomously (Maryland)

Father in the precious name of Jesus, I come before You, St. Jude, St. Anthony and St. Michael I would like to bring to You all the petitions and the prayers from my heart and my children and love ones heart. First and foremost my family and I would greatly pray for my criminal punishment to go from a stage d to a stage a, which will mean no jail, no prison and no halfway house and publicity and that I am Blessed with a full time attorney that will represent me in this matter that I will received probation or any thing else with the exception of the stage d please don’t allow the stage d decision to be confirmed, and Father I truly thank you because, the case with the washer and dryer was dismissed and the payment was made in full now I need a real financial Blessing so that I can continue to pay for the rent on time,and for our remaining year of things to do and bills. For my household to become closer with love, respect and affection. Please if You find it in your heart to allow me to please please grant these favors for my children, family and I we all thank You in advance Amen.

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