Prayer to help my broken relationship

by Joe ()

Dear Lord, I have been with Lara for almost 5 years. Through this time, we have had so many wonderful, amazing times together. We’ve also had some fights out of anger and defensiveness and along the way, and I feel that we’ve taken each other for granted and have become too comfortable with each other. Lara is now taking time off and needs her space to see if we should really be together or not…..

I feel as if I’ve died inside, Lord. I can’t eat, can’t sleep, and can’t seem to stop crying – my heart and soul feel to be broken. I’ve given her my whole heart, Lord, and wish that I could take back everything bad or mean I’ve ever said to her. She means everything to me and I would do anything to just be able to hold her again and have her as my one and only.

I’ve been away from you, Lord, for too long and feel like a hypocrite coming to you now that I need something, but I am hurting more than I’ve ever hurt before and I feel like my whole world has caved in. Please Lord, hear my prayer – I have nothing left but your love and mercy and I pray that you please bless me with your graces. I pray that you please bless Lara as well, and help heal her heart of the scars and resentment she has for me and fill it with the overwhelming love we’ve shared for the last 5 years.

Please let her reach out to me Lord, to tell me that she wants to work things out – if she did, it would make me the happiest, most gracious man alive. I promise to never forget this experience and to treat her with the respect and love that she deserves – she is so beautiful, intelligent, loving, caring, and I want to have one more chance to be the man that she deserves. I pray for this chance, Lord, with my whole heart and soul and everything that I am.

I also ask to anyone that reads this – I am not the kind of person that asks for help, but I am so heartbroken right now, I ask that you please pray for me and Lara that we can get back together so all of this hurt in my heart will stop. I pray for all of this in the name of Jesus. Amen

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