Prayer to Help me with instant money miracle

by Tejashree (Pune - India)

o god!!! help me with your blessings and support to happen this miracle of getting instant money from rich people. may this wish come true today itself by over night and i see lots of lots of money flowing into my bank account.

o god you are the saviour you are the great almighty surely you will make this miracle happen and give smile on my face while i rise up tomorrow morning………….

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  1. need help as no money

    Hello, please pray for me as i dont hv money. I need it urgently. Plss pray for me. Call me o 9881502962

  2. In need of instant miracle money overnight

    I have battled with monotary challenges for too long a time.
    I instantly and miraculously need money to help in the physical work of God’s church, take care my family’s needs and also help the needy,widows and orphans. Lord Jesus, grant my humble request in your mighty name.

  3. Miraculous moneney

    Dear God, the infinite source of aboundance, I need u to help me instantly with miraculous money of 3million in my bank account this night. I promise to help the less privilege and use it in glorifying your name in. Amen

  4. Need Miracle

    Dear Lord,
    Far too long have I endured thorough health pains from my gums and deteriorated teeth and thus I need you in my life to take heed on granting me a financial miracle to conquer this pain and suffering and remove it all please…in your name make this miracle happen not only for me but also for those in need and for the ones I love also.

  5. I am seriously injured.. so I need money now.

    please anyone help me.I need money.. I am living in danger.. please help me otherwise.I will committed to suicide.

  6. please help me get a money miracle

    please pray for a money miracle for me im really hurting and need a real money miracle i cant seem to catch a break please help

  7. Money is power

    Indeed you are doing well. I really appreciate your work, I need instant money miracle.

  8. Submission for instantly money

    Dear God l see happiness on my way these night l see money overflowing on my account l believe it and l received it in Jesus name

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