Prayer to help me with difficulties in life..

by Moe (East Londn, South Africa)

Dear Lord, I know that I have fallen off the path that you want me to be on and I am battling to find my way home again. I am grateful for all my blessing even though I forget to thank you every day.

I have a beautiful angel that you blessed me with and a fantastic group of people I work with, I only pray that you help me and guide me to do work the way you want me too.

The past always has a way of catching up with a person and all the hurt that goes with the past is something I can not let go of. I pray for you to be with me everyday and remind me of how I can get over the hurt…

Be with the people that have hurt me along the way and help me to forgive them for the hurt they have caused in my life.

I want to be a better person not only for me, but for my beautiful daughter too.

I pray for guidence and to please deliver me from the every day sins…


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