prayer to help me to win the big one in lotto from mon through saturday

by Anon (Australia)

please destiny,angels,god and all those with a higher power I need your prayers and help now this time in my life, my family and I have usually done well financially ,back in our home land , but since moving overseas and securing a job both myself and my husband ,

I can barely make payments towards the rent , this other country was suppose to be better for us financially but I haven’t seen any thing better since being here, we cant even afford to put our son in school cos our finances wont cover it and also , we as a family unit are not entitled to any kinds of financial benefits from the government in this other country , ive prayed ive pleaded ive begged to win lotto to help us out but to no avail , I know it sounds selfish but I truely believe with a great windfall it will pull me and my family through ,

I will return to my homeland and set up home again and put my son back in school , take us home where everything is familiar to us , I came to this other country in support of my husband to help him follow his dreams, I hate to say it but If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have packed up and left ,

my home country is a beautiful place , we just thought we could make a better life somewhere else and it seems we are struggling worse off , please bless me and my family with this prayer and help us with a great windfall of money , I have tried mediums, psychics and they tell you all the same thing , but nothing ever happens , you ask them for help and they end up asking you for money , please help .

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