Prayer to Help me to Find a Man Who Marries Me & Help to Conceive A Child

by M.W. (IL)

Please, pray that God, St. Joseph, St. Anothny, St. Jude, St. Barbara, Immanculate Concepcion, and all the other saints and angels, will help to guide me to find the man that is to marry me, and that I will love this man, and this man will love me, so that I can start a family.

Please, pray that God, and the all the saints and angels, will guide me in this special prayer, because time is running out for me since I am 40 years old, and I will soon not be able to conceive a child, and I have been alone for a long time without a committed relationship. Please, pray that God, St. Joseph, St. Anothy, St. Jude, St. Barbara, and Immaculate Concepcion, and all the other saints and angels help me to find this man as soon as possible so that I can get married and have a child. I will continue praying until it happens, and I promise to God that that I will love and flourish my future unborn child, and I will teach my future unborn child all the ways and scriptures of the Lord. You know, Lord, who this is, and I have prayed to you many times, and have thanked you, O Lord, for all the things that you have given me.
Please, pray for me. Thank you.

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