prayer to help me out of this depression

by M (Round Rock Tx)

i have been dealing with this for a while i have never went to a doctor to get diagnosed due to feeling like i can overcome it on my own three weeks ago i had a procedure for sterilization due to the fact that i have 5 kids already and have ovarian cyst and is not a good idea for me to have more children.

i do not want more kids and thought i was going to be ok with this procedure for some reason since then i have felt this depression even more distanced myself from my husband and just feel an overwhelming sadness and always crying for no apparent reason.

i honestly do regret having the procedure done but it is to late to go back on it i just ask for prayers to get thru this i have had so many things happen in my life that has made me distance myself from god and it is hard to change that i dont know what to do i feel i cannot even talk to my husband or anyone about what i am feeling

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