Prayer to Help me Lord in the struggles of work

by Leslie (Coloado)

Lord please help me in the struggles of work, money and family I am looking for a job and have been offered many only to have the end result be filled with lies about pay and hours.

I feel you are guiding me to accept the right offer and that I need to hang on a little longer to see my life and my family grow stronger with you. The one and only thing I do know and feel so strong about is that you are right beside me everytime I get up and look for work and do what I have to to make it one more day. Please Lord help me with my marriage which is falling apart more and more everyday, my husband is stuck in darkness and I don’t know what else to do but pray for his salvation. Help my kids and my grandson learn to walk with you in faith and undying love and compassion for themselves and others. Lord I know I am nothing without you and need you so much always and forever I love you Lord God bless us all.

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