Prayer to help me land the “right”job

by Michele (Holstein Iowa)

dear god,

its me here,once again asking you to walk me through my path we’ve been taking for a while now. I am trying to get better with my mind and having the ultimate dreams of being happy. I am asking you Lord,to help me land the “right”job I need to maintain a healthy life for myself and my family.
I left the illness,the sick person I was married too,its gonna be a year now,that I haven’t seen him,and his alcoholic ways are worse now then before,I cant afford to get across town to even get a job,I fear leaving my daughter at home with her disability in case something would go wrong. I want the best for myself and her more now than ever before. I want to treat people right,and keep my word. my finances are in trouble,It feels like I cant get out of it. I need your help,your answers and I will continue to pray for everything to work out.

I’m running out of time,and I’m scared. so very scared. Lord ,pick me up one more time.please? I want to start my life at the age of 45 .I’m tired of being let down,giving people the chance to be people,and they never want to do the same for me. God,help me,this I beg you.

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