Prayer to Help me know with confidence what the right thing to do is

Dear Lord,

Please help me know how I can help my fulfill my own need for self-love and maintain the strength to guide my son’s father back to us, to save our family. Please guide me with confidence to making a move that will put his father on the right track, while safeguarding our son and myself from his unfaithfulness and emotional abuse.

Please help me to remain with my son, despite living in a country where the justice system does not support the mother and child staying together in one home, but hastily places children in a 50-50 two home environment without hearing the circumstances and judging properly that I have provided everything to our son and no not deserve to have my son taken or myself put in harm’s way.

Please help me be strong enough to stay beside my child and not let him into the arms of a person who is not righteous or worthy to care for him under his current acts. Please keep me with my son until he is worthy to care for our son and myself. Please keep my son and I in good standing with the law and community, and help them support us in being together, until his father starts to treat us right, be faithful, supportive, kind, honest, and caring, be wise, and committed wholly to us and the salvation and unification of our family.


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