prayer to help me have the strength and wisdom to choose wisely.

by Lar (Ohio)

I pray to you most Holy and High God that you would hear my cry to you in one of the most crucial decisions I will make in my life. I love my boyfriend, but in my deepest hearts I am very afraid to leave the relationship because I am afraid of him and the consequences of me breaking up with him.

We have spoke of marriage and the future together, but deep inside I hide my pain of him trying to change me so much that I am living my life under his rules in order to avoid fighting and meanwhile I am suffering. Please give us peace and a clear mind in this life so we can both live a life we have dreamed of; together or apart.

Please heal us both of all the anger and resentment of the past so we can treat each other with respect thru anything that may come to be. Please help us both to try to find a calm center inside us through all of these changes. Please guide me my sweetest Jesus. Please strengthen me in my heart and enlighten my soul that I may do the right thing for both of us and please more than anything protect me.

Please help us both. Please make our paths right. Please lift me to were you are so I may see what I must do clearly. I love you. Thank you for bringing me this far, you are the miracle inside all miracles.