prayer to help me get over my last relationship

by Lisa (Nyc)

Dear Lord –

please help me get over my last relationship and stop all contact, contact which keeps opening the hurt and anger and frustration.

Please guide me to find real love that feels secure, right and supportive. I have been so hurt by my expectations. I dont want to go through emotional ups and downs and then have it end. I want to be a loving, loyal partner.

I cannot do this alone. I have tried over and over. I need your guidiance and protection God.


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  1. Anonymous says:
    Bad breakup

    My boyfriend cheated on me. We broke up and now he is with her. Happy I’m sad to see them both happy and I’m alone. I’m much older then him that is why he is with her because she is younger.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Friend I was seeing that I really cared for hurt and I been there for him

    I been seeing this person and we were not in a relationship but I was staying the night and he has someone on the side. I’m tired of being hurt by a friend . He did not have anything to sleep on, his ex wife left him and I came into the picture because I care and loved him. We date in highschool and were supposed to get married . He got this girl pregnant and he married her, after 18 years his wife has remarried. And I have been there for him and god showed me there is someone else . I must go own I’m a good woman. I was helping him some much, give him money, buying food being a good friend.

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