Prayer To Help Me Get A Better Job and a Nice Home

by Brenda (Winston-Salem,NC United States)

I need help from the lord to help brighten up my days and stop wanting or need ,I need a job or a career I have a BS Degree in Human Service and a half Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

I could not finish becasue I ran out of financial aid. So know all I have is debts that I cannot pay.I need your help passing this exam the act workkey test. I do good at home when I practicing but when I try to take the actual test I fail and if I don’t pass test, I want get the job.

And I need one real bad. I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something in life. I was a drug addict for about 20 years. And I gave my life to God, I asked him to remove that taste for drugs out of my life and he did.

So now I’m asking God to Please help me to enlarge my territory and to be successful
so that I can shout it for the roof top how good you’ve been to me, and mine. Please please bless my children , mother sisters and brother, and my friends.

Thank you God in Jesus name I pray. I need a job and a nice house.

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  1. Fairh

    Good morning Brenda

    My prayers are with you!

    I was not a good test taker also

    Here is what you do : just before you

    Walk into the test you look over your right shoulder

    You tell Jesus you know he is right next to you and your

    Putting your concerns on his shoulder and Take that

    Test with him at your side In my adult life I have

    Done this when going into difficult situations that

    I was very nervous about. One more thing please

    Go to church each Sunday Jesus also needs you

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