Prayer to Help me Find a job to rebuild my new life

by Neth (Miri,Sarawak,Malaysia)

Dear God our father in heaven , with all my soul i humble and praise you all the time, i know that you’ve been watching me from above, i know that you’re trying to help me,but i made a mistake. You’d gave me a changed but i wasted it. Forgive me Lord for what i have done. Give mercy on me for my mistakes.

My Lord help me to rebuild my life again, my life is getting worst.
Guide me to the right path, support me to change my life.
I tried to rebuilt my life , but i can’t without you.

From this moment i gives my Heart,soul and life to you My Mighty God,
i’ll let you show me the way , the truth and the life.
Thank you Lord, for listen to my prayer.
In Jesus Name I Pray.


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