Prayer to help keep our family together…

by Sara ()

Dear Lord, I humbly ask for your help in keeping our family together. My husband has been wrongly accused of something he didn’t do and if he is convicted it would tear our family apart.

I thank you Lord for bringing this man into my life. Until him I did not know what true love was. I love this man and the children he brought with him. Our children are everything to me and I fear what would happen to them if their father was taken from them at this impressionable age. They have been through so much with their parent’s divorce that they finally have peace. This man has also been a wonderful father to my own daughter. These children are brother and sisters and to split them up would be heartbreaking.

I ask for St. Jude’s help as well to help us through this time of despair. When I married my husband and we said our vows I promised to stand by his side in good times and bad and I have never faltered in my love and devotion to him. He is my partner and I thank you Lord for my family. Please be with us now as we go through this scary time of our lives.