Prayer to help keep my job and help my mother and father and have sobriety.

by Angelo R (Wyo.)

To the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, Oh my Father and Savior I come to you with my heart and soul to be blessed by you and the Holy Spirit. You have blessed me with the job that I always wanted and cared for since I was a young man. Please my lord do not let it be taken from me, for I know I have sinned and taken it for granted. I have made you a promise that I wish to stand by till the end of my time. I do not want to lose everything I love and know. I have total faith in you to give me this blessing.

To Jesus and the Holy Spirit please help my mother to gain the strength in her mind body and soul. Please help my mother forgive my father and not think he is doing wrong, when we all know he is a perfect man. We love you for the blessings you give us daily.
Please help us get better with our sobriety and give us the strength to get away from all our bad habits. Please take away our sins, because I know we have sinned. In the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.