Prayer to help her to find true forgiveness

by Todd (Iowa)

Father in heaven I pray to you to soften my wifes heart, to heal her wounds and find true forgiveness for me. I know that you have forgiven me so that I could forgive myself, and now I ask you to do the same for my wife. I ask you to heal her heart and fill it with your love.

Let your love rain down upon us and heal our broken marriage. I ask you to give her the strength and courage to do what she needs to do to find her way back to my heart. She is being tempted by another man and I ask you to not allow him to interfere with our marriage as we try to heal our broken hearts. I thank you Lord for being there for me and helping me do what I need to do so that I may be a much better husband. I ask you to purify my heart so that I can give her the love that she needs. I need a miracle Lord and I know that only you can heal her, and for this I pray. I feel that I am running out of strength and my patience is wearing thin. I ask you to give me what I need to remain devoted to our wedding vows, and I ask that you do the same for her.

Please help her to find true forgiveness for me for taking her for granted and not understanding what her true needs were. I ask you Lord please heal us, and let your love rain down upon us for the rest of our days. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen

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