Prayer to help for family relationship

by Sharon (USA)

My daughter, Jessica, has pent up anger related to my sister, Karen and her husband, Tim, and it has caused distress between my sister and I. Jessica chose to write an email to Karen expressing this anger.

She was not kind in the email. My sister and her children have chosen to distance themselves from me in addition to other siblings and their family members.

As a result my daughter has refused to invite Karen, Tim, and their family to her wedding reception in May. This has torn our family apart. I am suffering. My heart is heavy with sadness. I have asked Jessica to consider forgiving Karen and the others and going to her with an apology for the way she handled the situation. Jessica should have gone to Karen and openly discussed these feeling and sought resolution. But Jessica is holding onto her pride and her anger and is not willing to budge.

I need the Lord to open her heart, her mind and her mouth and seek to resolve, forgive and heal this wounded relationship and our entire family bond. Please pray for all involved in this situation.

I am desperate to have this resolved and love restored. Thank you. God Bless you.

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