Prayer to help a failing marriage.

by R Phillips (India)

Dear Lord,I pray for restoration and healing for my husband and I. That we may be able to see through God’s eyes and be led back to one another. That we may be able to forgive each other for all the wrong doing we have both done to each other and cease to blame one another. Melt his heart so that he can see my love for him.Give him a new heart that has your presence.

That we can begin the process of healing and gaining our trust back with each other in order to follow the will of the Lord. That we do not give up on our hope, love, and faith and can one day look back to realize that all God wanted for us was to become closer to him.

That even though at this moment it may feel as though things can never work out we are both given the hope and faith in God that all things are possible through him no matter how hurt we both are. In Jesus name. AMEN!

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