Prayer to hear from Good to know what to do in every aspect of my life

by Heavenly (Caribbean)

Almighty God, Most powerful and sovereign. I come to you to ask your attention to my humble plea. Gracious and merciful God I trust and believe by faith that when I call upon you that you hear me. I seek divine wisdom, revelation and an anointing to prosper in the calling for which I am called , help me to find purpose and favor in this life, increase my finances and position me to be a blessing to others.

I pray for good health long life and a deep and intimate relationship with you so that I can inspire and empower others to live for you. Bless my children near and far. I ask for a special miraculous experience through your supernatural power to become debt free because of divine and uncommon favor that would only come from you. I thank you for all my experiences which caused me to have faith in you today. Amen