Prayer to Heal this relationship and help it to lead into marriage and a life time

by Esther (United Kingdom)

Dear God

I have been selfish in my relationship and i haven’t appreciated the blessing You have blessed me with, i have been wrong with the words i have exchanged to him, i have been wrong in the lies i have made and i have been wrong in the lack of respect i have given i have made so many wrongs Lord and it has finally cost me.

Many times in relationships i have made mistakes i have hurt and have been hurt, please first mend my broken soul and heart help me to not cling on to the hurt and the mistakes and negativity of the past, so that i may not carry that into my present and future. Help me to get rid of my anger, selfish and unkind issues and help me to be a kind, filled with joy, unselfish, young woman of God, please do not pass me by as you heal your children. As you heal me please also heal the love of my life from any issues he may have within himself that cause this relationship to suffer and to be broken down into nothing.

Some people were hurt in the process of us finding our feelings for each other and knowing that we want to be together forgive us both for this. You brought a kind, loving, filled with joy respect and humility man in my life, he instantly became my best friend. As soon as it was i knew this was the man i wanted to spend the rest of my life with and have children with.

I enjoyed each moment i spent with him, i loved every single joke laughs we had and everytime we spoke, though distance proved to be hard on us he continued to make effort, But he has given up on us and i cannot force him to stay but i can be hopeful and and have faith that you may help us during this time, help him to remember the reasons why he wanted to be with me why he loved me and how good it is when we are together, help him to see the potential in me to improve and be better as i see in him, fill his heart with love for me kindness and respect and loyalty, help him to know what he wants and where he wants to go, please let me be a part of that he wants as he is a part of all that i want and the future that i see the husband that i want/need and the father of my children that i need.

I love him so much Lord, u truly know my heart inside and out and u know they is nobody else i would want to be with dear Lord, this is the one for me Lord please help me, Help us Lord to be closer to you for both of us not to replace you and keep you first in our lives before each other, help us to be soldiers when it comes to our relationship that we may fight through every single hurdle and over come all our issues till we are no longer alive.

God i was never deserving of such a man in my life but you allowed us to cross paths anyway and even though i am still not deserving please bless me again with the love of my life for him to have clarity. Help us in anyway we need Lord to be able to spend the rest of our lives together Lord all our issues point them out for us to see so we can work on them and help us both to be willing and to want this to work Lord, there is nobody else but You Lord who can do this and i come to you asking for complete mercy and divine intervention in my current situation Lord.

Let your will be done in both of our lives dear Lord that we may grow learn and move forward together father. I love You and i thank You for i know it is done. Amen.