Prayer to heal stage 4 osteosarcoma

by Celi (New York)

Please pray for my baby girl Janina. She is 17 years old and had osteosarcoma stage 4. Not much more the doctors can do, I desperately need a miracle. Please God save her.

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  1. prayers for you and your daughter

    Praying very hard for you and your seventeen year old with osteosarcoma, stage 4. I don’t know what the doctors can or cannot do, but I do know that there is a Divine Healer, Jesus, who created our bodies and can heal and make perfect what He created. He really is the only one who can get to the root of the problem. Have faith when you ask and believe for what you ask. He will take care of you and your beautiful daughter. Please, write back and let us know how both you and your daughter are doing. I know this has to be so hard on you, to see your baby like that, but we are praying together with you. He will hear us, He always does.

  2. Healing Request

    I pray that the precious blood of Jesus touch ever inch of your beloved daughter,that if healing is meant to be so it shall,but for the grace of God. I pray that our heavenly Father give you strength to bear such a heavy load, that he may hold you and you daughter in his warm embrace letting you kknow he is there. I pray our Blessed Mother Mary also embrace you as all mothers embrace and comfort their children in times of dispair.Father bless, heal and protect this family,I ask this in Jesus’ name,Amen

  3. wish for prayers

    Please also pray for my nephew , he is 23 and has stage four Osteosarcoma as well . thanks

  4. wish for prayers

    Please also pray for my nephew , he is 23 and has stage for Osteosarcoma as well . thanks

  5. Brooke Lauren

    Please pray, all of you that can read and hear, for this young and beautiful thirteen year old girl who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 osteosarcoma. She is a very loving, spirited and strong- willed young lady who is determined to be the big sister she has so wonderfully been. We need her in this world and to take her away to God would be too soon. We ask God to leave this angel on this earth for many more years. We love you Brooke!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


    I am praying for your daughter, with the power of the Lord she will be okay!


    I am praying for your daughter, with the power of the Lord she will be okay!


    I am praying for your daughter, with the power of the Lord she will be okay!

  9. I will pray for her now.

    Most Excellent Lord and Saviour, Jesus of Nazareth, please hear the humble prayers from me and from all those who lift up their hands and voices to You for the life of this young lady with stage 4 osteosarcoma. The stupendous miracle of cellular reproduction in this child’s bones has somehow been altered, and only You, the author of Life, the Very One who created the very bones in all of our bodies… only You can mend her bones and save her earthly life.

    We know that you have already saved her for Eternity, and we thank you mightily for this miracle of miracles – and even if you decide to bring this child home to Your bosom we will still praise You and acknowledge your Lovingkindness, because we understand that the reason you gave us life in the first place, is so we could eventually spend Eternity with You.

    But we beg of You, our Most High God of the Universe, to please heal this young lady, and let her stay with us a while longer. Please delay this heartache until she is an old, old woman, and is ready to be with you. Please, please renew our joy by saving her life.

    All that is needed is for You to say, “Be Healed”. Yet, if you decide that Your Will is best served by letting her live here on Earth with us, or letting her to live in Your presence, either way we worship You, because Your will must be done.

    We lay this request at your Holy Feet, O Lord.


  10. I said a prayer for you today

    Dear Lord,

    We have faith in your intentions and we trust you with the lives that you have given us. We know that you will guide us to the right lives that you have in store for us in heaven and on earth, but Lord, can we ask you for a brief delay in taking one of yours?

    We pray that you allow us more time with a daughter who we know has a serious illness. Can you bless us with more time and more health? The medical reports may be discouraging, but Lord we know that you are that which can turn impossible to possible. We ask that you send our friend health today. Send her strength, hope, and especially faith today so that she can be made whole.

    Thank you Lord always for inspiring us.

  11. The Lord will take care of you all .

    I will light a candle every day in church for your daughter. May God love and protect your whole family. God bless.

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