Prayer to Heal, Save, and Renew our love

by Steph (Massachusetts)

Dear God, i come to you to please ask you to save, heal and renew our love in our broken relationship. I ask that you please have him reject all of his negative and evil influences that pushed him away and that you allow how to turn to you for guidance and forgiveness.

I ask that you please forgive me for turning away from you for so long. I ask that you make him realize that i did not break up with him because i dont want to be with him, but that i did it because i need and want change. I want a relationship with a commitment to god like he once did but it took me a little long to realize everything. I ask that you please allow our love to be rekindled and the passion to come back.

Please allow us to come back together in your name lord so we can have a relationship based off of pure love for you and be able to get married like we spoke of. I ask that you please let him realize that his “friend” who wanted us to part had negative intentions and that hes not a true friend.

I miss him so much, hes the love of my life and my best friend. It hurts me so much to not be able to see and speak to him, it hurts me to see him ruin his life to go out and party, drink and smoke after he got baptized and promised to never go back to that life. I truly believe that we are soul mates, i know you allowed me to dream of him before we met for a reason.

I ask that you please let him see soon that he had and could continue to have a woman who is loyal, caring, loving, and a woman of god. A woman who would do anything for him to make him be the man he could and should be. I ask that you let him see our worth soon and contact me with love and with the wanting of working on us with you lord. I believe this will be possible, but we have to get him away from the demons that are attacking him. I hope that we can before its too late.

I claim it in your name jesus that we will be able to come back together and have a ever lasting love because of you god and we will be able to help save others from taking and living on the wrong path.