Prayer to Heal Relationship

by Lisa (NJ)

O most Holy St Jude and Heart of Our Savior Jesus Christ, I beseech you in adoration as I am in desperate need to have M. O. back in my life as my love, my partner, my strength. I have been through an excrutiating divorce and he is in great pain as well and feels he cannot sustain our relationship right now. Help him to see this challenge is worth it as he is a good man, a great father and I am a good woman and a great mom and that the combining of our lives would be a blessing to us and all our children. Help him to accept my love and good things into his life and give us both the strength to love each other in ways neither of us had before in our marriages. Please take our pain away and make our love grow. I will be forever grateful and promise to live mindfully to the best of my human ability. Thank you Blessed St Jude and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen – Lisa C

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