prayer to heal relationship and find peace…

by Dokidora (Philippines)

dear God,

i am again in desperate stage, confused and lost. Please enlighten the mind of boyfriend. I arrived 2 weeks ago from working abroad, but still he doesnt have time to meet me, i know he has own problems that are troubling his mind, all i ask from him is to have time for me. i will not stay long, i only have 1 1/2 month for my vacation,and i want to spend it with him and with my family.

God, i know im not perfect, but i did my best to make this relationship work..i hope he will forgive me if i done something or hurt him in a way that i dont know.I am asking pls make our relationship work again and make our love and respect for each come back..

St. Jude pls help me i trust and believe in your can make the impossible become possible if you have trust and faith in God Almighty..thank you….