Prayer to Heal Our Relationship

by J (Australia)

Heavenly Father,

You blessed me with an amazing blessing which I was grateful for every day, I was patient and you gave me him at the most perfect timing. Throughout all our trials as well as days that shone with your love, we made it through, holding each other’s hands, never weakening. Thank you for such a blessing, thank you for hearing my prayers.

But now, as his heart hardens through the confusion of depression, and his faith in us, in himself diminishes, I ask you to please embrace us and help. I know all my efforts are no use, only you Lord can heal our relationship, only you can mend us, only you can take away the fears, anxieties and pain and make us confident and stronger than ever before.

Lord, I know you gave him as a true blessing to me for a reason, please help us. Please help us to reconnect, to reconcile. Please heal his doubt, heal his pain within himself. Please show him that he is truly worthy of my love and your love. Lord I do not know what else to do. Please heal any of the ties that have broken. Please strengthen his mind against the evil spirits that attack him and myself during this vulnerable time. Please protect us and banish the devil form our spirits, minds and lives in Jesus’s Holy Name!

Heavenly Father, I trust in you to hear my prayers, I have felt you urging me so much lately to not give up, please show me that this is you will, your plan. I hand it all over to you lord, please hear my prayer. Please breakdown the wall he has built and soften his heart towards me and us, help him realise that as long as there is a glimmer of hope, that hope can grow like a planted mustard seed.

I surrender it all over to you lord, please hear my prayer, I hope it is in your will to give me the miracle I beg for. Keep my own faith string through times of pain, hurt and grief. Show me lord, and him and others that nothing is impossible with you.

Thank you lord for this opportunity for me to strengthen my own relationship with you, I ask that you help me to heal and strengthen my relationship with him through you.

Gracious God, Merciful God, you are almighty, you are mighty to save. Please save this relationship. I pray in Jesus’s Name, Amen.