Prayer to Heal Our Relationship

Heavenly Father I pray today that you restore my relationship with my boyfriend. Your word says that Man should not live by bread along. Help us to heal and recover all the enemy has tried to destroy in our relationship. God today i ask for effective communication to begin and for forgiveness amongst us to prevail.

Let Love Conquer All. Help us to always put you first in our lives. Father I love him very much and I know you sent him to me. Father God, knit our hearts together and help us to follow through with our wedding plans next year.

This shall come to past, In Jesus Name!!!

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  1. heal my broken relationship

    Father God restore all lost times and moments in my relationship with Vuyani Maquaza, we had a misunderstanding a month ago and he is still angry with me.I need things to go back to normal and we can enjoy our love together.We have a daughter together and I dnt want to raise he r with anyone else.

  2. Relationship Novena

    Please bring my loved one David back to me. Make his eyes only see me and his heart only be filled with love for me. Make him forsake all others and commit to only me. Let us love each other as we did before and never let him leave my side again. Let all others that surround him and tempt him be gone from his life. Let us live and love everyday as one and in peace. I pray to you Lord, St. Jude, and all the saints that we are united shortly and that we are happy with each other once again. Let him see in his heart that we are meant to be together. Let his arms hold me, his lips kiss me and his love comfort me. Amen

  3. Prayibg

    In Jesus name your relationship will be healed!! God has given you victory now win this battle don’t let the enemy win ! Praying for you

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