Prayer to heal our relationship

by Jaclyn (Warren, MI)

Dear Lord,

I don’t always know the right things to ask for in prayer, but i know that you know every thought in my head.

Lord, i pray and ask you to put your hands on our relationship that my boyfriend feels is not worth working towards. I ask that you help us to understand each other better so that we are not so quick to anger & frustration. I ask you Lord to give us patience, love, understanding & help us to see in each other the things we love about our relationship & help us to make this relationship work. Lord, please put our relationship in your hands & give us the tools to make this relationship work. I trust in you Lord that if you can move mountains, you can heal our relationship & bring us back to the time before we started having problems & teach us how to treat each other better, to have patience & to understand each other.

I pray to you Lord that you give us a chance to reconcile our differences, give us a clean slate to work with & help us to always know & say the right things to make this relationship work. Lord, please help us.