Prayer to Heal Our Relationship and Change for the Better

by Glen (District Of Columbia)

Lord I ask that you have mercy over my relationship, that you guide me and this lovely women whom I call my rib which is by my side with love. I thank you God for bringing her in my life to learn once again what love is and with you nothing is impossible.

I ask you now to heal our relationship and change us for the better. Order our steps in your word Lord and gives us strength day by day.

Lord I ask of these things from you because you are a Almighty, Loving, Tender, Spiritual Gift Giving, Wondrous, Powerful, Patient, Glorifying, And Praise Wrothy God. I Love You for keeping your spirit within us and I thank you now for renewing that spirit.

Be With Us through all the enemies and obstacles that come against us. I ask that your Holy Spirit guides and lead us through all truths. In Jesus Name We Pray Amen. Now We Can Rejoice Cause All Is Done.