Prayer to Heal Myself

by Faith (India)

Lord I’m a sinner many times over – i have taken lovers in the past, had an abortion, even had an affair when i was married to my ex-husband. All those when i was not a believer and did not know the Word.

Now, in my second marriage, i have been trying to be everything the Lord says I should be, but i find my sins following me here and distancing my husband from me physically (he’s in another country and legal troubles prevent me from joining him with my child) and emotionally (he has told me he has no intention of continuing with this relationship.

Lord, you know everything and there is nothing you cannot do. Direct my husband’s heart to me, Lord, away from his first wife whom he still keeps in his heart many years after her death. Please, Lord, rekindle in his heart the love he once had for me before my legal problems and the distance separating us caused it to dim. Lord, please remove the obstacles and bring us together in mind and body and modify each of us and our relationship to your Glory.

I surrender everything to you, Lord, make me worthy of you, Lord, and change me for your glory. In Jesus’ name, I pray… Amen.

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