Prayer to heal my soul mate’s heart and free him from fear and pain

I know if you’re reading this, you are suffering too. I am sorry for your pain. I ask if you can find the time, can you please pray for my soul mate and me? God bless you! He has been betrayed and hurt by many women and family members and it is hard for him to trust and to open up to love.

He has told me I am different for him, but I still see him struggle with the idea of starting a serious relationship. I myself am a survivor of assault and am thankful to God for showing me a man with whom I feel safe. Please pray for us that we can overcome this and be together happily. Thank you to all who do!

I trust you God, that he is my soul mate and your apology to me for all the pain I have suffered at the hands of other men. I trust you that I am his salvation from the pain of the hard life he has led so far. I know we are both damaged and broken, but I also know you have a beautiful future in store for us.

I ask you please God, remove the fear and doubt and confusion from his heart so he can feel ready to be together. I know he has been deeply hurt by many people and has no one that is close to him and cares for him. Jesus, let him open his heart to me so that he can feel my love and compassion. Release the fear of love from him so that he may be happy with me.

I thank you God for all the strength and patience you have given me in our situation. I am weak now but I do trust you that we will be together. Please help me keep going! Please help him be ready soon! And I thank you every day for bringing him into my life. Thank you God.