Prayer to heal my son

by Mary (Canada)

Dear God,

I would like to thank you for granting my request to be reunited with my family here in Canada.You made a lot of miracles… I know you have all the powers in your hands and you are always there beside me, and I believe you have the purpose on what we are having now. And I am here again to ask you to heal my son.

You have all the miracles, you have plan for him..let my son be strong as well as his body to overcome all the pain and the whole process of treatment. He was diagnosed with hemaphogacytic lymphogocytosis or so called HLH at his age now of 20.
May the chemotheraphy and other medications will completely take out his illness. Please guide all the doctors for giving treatment to all people who need them..I believe everything is in your hands, please help my son..sent all your guardian angels to all sick..Thank you Oh GOD..Help us.. Amen.

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