Prayer to Heal My Sister’s Leukemia

by Lilly (California)


My sister is fighting leukemia for the second time. She recently had a bone marrow transplant and she’s back in the hospital now for pain and fever. They’re doing test. This has been so hard for my family emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually.

Please pray that my sister Robyn would be healed. My family has been through soooo much! There’s way too many things to list on here. We’re having so many financial problems. I can’t even go visit my sister in the hospital because I’m having so many financial issues. We’ve been through so much and we’re tired stressed and stretched beyond all reason ! We truly need a super natural miracle today!

Thank you,


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  1. Faith

    Good morning Lily

    I pray for Robyn and you and your wonderful


    Please go to church each Sunday

    Jesus needs you He hears you!

  2. To Lily

    I pray that your sister will be healed . My brother is sick with cancer too . He also has been afflicted for the second time so I have an idea of the stress and worry your family is suffering. Prayer is powerful . I believe your prayers will be answered just as I believe my prayers for my brother will be answered. May God’s love comfort and strengthen you.


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