Prayer to heal my scalp conditions

by Caleb (Miami, FL, USA)

I have had scalp psoriasis and Acne keloidalis nuchae(bumps in the back of the neck) for six years. These conditions have made my life miserable. I do not cut my hair very low for fear that people will see them and be disgusted by them. Also, I am starting losing my hair because of them every time I scratch my scalp.

I am not sure if I was the reason I got them or if these are hereditary or else.

I have gone to my dermatologist and he would prescribe me with medications that temporarily eliminate my scalp conditions; but, I had to constantly go back to my dermatologist to request more medications when they ran out and to prevent my scalp conditions from coming back.

That was three years ago when I had health insurance. So I stopped going to my dermatologist because it was too expensive for a visit and the medications.

Now, I go to any store and buy over-the-counter medications, which seem to have some effects on my scalp. Recently, I have grown tired of it because I do not think the over-the-counter medications are doing enough and I am running out of money buying them.

I want my scalp conditions to be completely gone and never come back. I REALLY REALLY REALLY need God’s miracle healing on my scalp.

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  1. natural remedy

    I too had a scalp problem and was losing hair, I found a natural remedy called Derm Essentials. it worked and I use it as maintenance now, problem has not come back. I will pray that your scalp be healthy and your hair returns quickly.

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