Prayer To Heal My Relationship

by Malar (Malaysia)

Please bless and have mercy on my relationship with my boyfriend .I dont know what went wrong and why is he pulling away all of sudden. It hurts to see him reacting this way to me. He has stopped calling and texting me.I have to initiate the communications.He doesnt bother to contact me anymore. He used to be so caring, loving and worried about me. I did asked him if everything is alright? He says his normal and everything is fine. And he asked me to calm down and cool down. Saint Jude he was the one that came after me.He said we are in a committed relationship. He said he will come and get blessings from my parents for our relationship. He promised me that he will never go missing.He promised me that he will come and meet me.He promised me that he will call me and text me as usual. We talked about moving in together. We talked about having pets. He asked me where i want to settle down. He told me not leave him. He said Im a very important person in his life. He told me that he cares about me. He said he feels good to be with me. I noticed he easily gets stressed out or defensive when we talked about our relationship especially over the phone when it comes to serious topics. Its been 2 weeks we never contacted each other. I`m afraid if Im going to start contatcing him its going to drive him further away from me. Saint Jude I ask you please guide us back together. Please awaken him. Please give him the strength and will to return. He lives in another country and I know that long distance relationships are hard, But I just know God brought us together I pray please with all my heart and soul. Please bring him back so we are able to make the ultimate commitment till death we will part. Please Saint Jude ask god to intercede and get my partner to contact me. Please let this work and want help our relationship to grow.Pray that he will finally realize that we need to talk and reconcile.Make my boyfriend to walk the talk and fulfill his promises towards me. Fill his heart and mine with patience, joy love and understanding. Make us committed to each other.Make us not to surrender to any challenges that come our way. Make my boyfriend to be more responsible. If he is going through some tough time tell him that everything will be fine and I will be there for him no matter what.Saint Jude pray for me

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