Prayer to heal my relationship with my ex-boyfriend

by Lynn (Malysia)

Lord Jesus ….,me and my ex-boy made a decision to break up…,but then i realize that i really miss him and i want him to come back to me…help me O Lord… I can’t focus on my study and my life bcoz of this problem…Help me and give us another chance to fix our relationship..

I’ve try so many things such as read the Bible,keep myself busy with study and hangout with my friends…but when I’m alone..,the memory of us still coming back to me…after we break up we consider ourself as enemy..I really regret this..I don’t want to be his enemy..we already try to comunicate and befriend again but then we argue and fight with each other again…

please O final exam is coming soon…I really hope that this problem can be solve soon..and i really hope that he will come back to me..AMEN