Prayer to Heal my Relationship and Help us Have Peace and Love with a Blended Family

by K (US)

Lord I pray that all the wrong doings I have committed out of jealousy and fear be forgiven. I know I should have trusted the situation to you and I failed. I involved those that I should not have. I ask that you give peace love and understanding to the kids involved and that we can put this time in the past and start anew.

I pray that my partner would find peace and let go of the past and start fresh. We fit together so well and this stress needs to resolve and go away without hurting anyone else. I ask for personal forgiveness. I love you God and I’m so thankful to be your child. I ask for all the rumors and gossip to stop immediately and be forgotten.

I pray for healing for every individual involved. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I trust in you and am anointed by you, God. Amen