prayer to heal my partner’s heart and bring him back to me

by Nc (Nevada)

Dear Heavenly Father, last night my partner chose to say hurtful things and pull away from me. He said he wanted nothing more to do with me. Lord, i pray that you heal his heart and wounds that have made him so bitter towards me. Please Lord, remove all the negativity, hate, sadness, pain, evil, and our enemies from our relationship. Send your Holy Spirit to his heart and reverse all the damage. Lord, please have his heart forgive me. Lord, i took advantage of you and him and i ask for your mercy and forgiveness. I was dumb to think this relationship would work without you but i see you are the most important part. Lord, you have performed miracles and i ask that you help me to resolve this relationship and tighten my Partner and I together in love with an unbreakable bond. Allow nothing to come between to destroy us. Protect us Lord from Satan’s attacks and afflictions. Remove all temptations. Bless my partner right now, wherever he is and bring him closer to me. Bless his heart and his family’s heart towards me. Give me unfalling strength to endure this and help me fight the battle against evil. Lord, i love you. Lord, i praise you, adore you and need you! I give you all the glory and worship you. I never want to be without you Lord. Thank you for all your mercy and blessing. I ask this in your precious and Holy name. AMEN!

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  1. So Beautiful

    I am praying for you and your partner. I am going through a similar issue with my partner. Things are getting a little better, yet there is a wee bit of tension that I still pray on. God has helped us see each other for the beautiful people that we are to each other. I know God will be there for you and your partner. Keep your heart filled with God’s Love. You are glorious being. Keep your heart overflowing with God’s love & support.

  2. Faith

    Good morning NC

    My prayers are with you this morning

    You are a good person please go to church each

    Sunday. Jesus also needs you

    He will hear you and guide you


    I Pray for you. I used this Prayer for my Husband & I. Things have been so difficult for us. We have been so separated. So distant, & he is cold, quite & hardened. I am Praying for the closeness & Loving Relationship we had. Amen.

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