Prayer to heal my Papa

by Maribel (Cebu City, Philippines)

Dear lord god, please heal my papa who is n the hospital right now. He has a heart attack, not once but 3 times already. Lord god please heal him that all the clogs in his heart will be taken out, that all the blood can circulate well. Also for his lungs that his cough and plegm will be taken out completely. Lord his suffering right now for his hard cough, lord please heal him that all the sickness that his suffering now will be healed and that we can get out from the hospital so soon, and that we will be able to get finances to pay our hospital bill.

Lord please heal him and that his heart will be strong again, and that the attack will not happen again. Lord he has difficulty in breathing, lord please give him enough air in his heart and lungs and that he can breath easily.
Lord we asked this with the intercession of mama mary

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