Prayer to heal my Mother’s Cancer

Dear heavenly powers,

I call on thee to please help to heal my mother. She needs to start Chemo for her Advanced lung cancer but can not at this time as she is to unstable. Please help her to fight off her infection, please use your divine powers to heal her body and help give her the strength to get better every day. Please help her to live to see her future grand-babies. Please help her lataic acid become lowered and her overall health to improve.

My family and I are devastated and are not ready to let her go. She is also not ready to leave us but her unstable condition has left her weak, drained, and fighting for breath. Please help guide her and heal her. Please help any other family’s who are currently trying to fight this wretched disease, stay strong and be healed also. I am begging you for a miracle, please help us.

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