Prayer to heal my mother’s brain cancer

Please pray to heal my mother’s brain tumor. It is very serious and the doctor is giving her a low survival rate. She is only 78. My mother’s doctors failed her and didn’t order an MRI until she was admitted into the hospital a week ago.

For almost two years she kept complaining about her dizziness, imbalance, blurred vision, nausea, weakness, bladder problems…her primary doctor and neurologist never ordered an MRI and the primary doctor misdiagnosed her twice. He said she had depression/anxiety which was causing these problems.

She recently went to the emergency room three times in 2 weeks and was discharged the first two times because they couldn’t find anything wrong. We tried acupuncture for her dizziness without knowing it was a brain tumor. She went to a urologist and had three bladder surgeries this past year to no avail. All her doctors kept prescribing medications without ordering a CT scan nor an MRI.

My mother’s uncaring, primary doctor told us the bad news and said “Guess I missed this.” I asked him why he didn’t order an MRI last year and his answer was, “It would have only bought her a few more months.” She even went to a prominent hospital in Boston and the doctor told her to wear flat shoes for her dizziness.

My mother suffered so much these past two years and I am so devastated, shocked, depressed and beside myself. I ask God for his divine intervention to heal my mother and let her live out her golden years with my father. Thank you for praying for my beloved, beautiful, kind mother.

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