Prayer to Heal My Marriage and My Husband

by Janice (New Jersey)

Dear Jesus, please help me save my marriage and heal my husband’s heart toward me. Please allow your beautiful love to flow over him, and let him see that our love was a gift from the Lord. Please heal all his anger and hurt and resentment that he has toward me and our daughters. Please show him in his heart, all the love we still have for him. Only you can help me Jesus, for Satan has a strong hold on him. He was once a kind and God fearing man, now he is filled with hate and bitterness. Please free him from all evil and bring him back to You, my Jesus., so you may help heal us and we may once again praise your name TOGETHER again as husband and wife, as parents and children, as a family, to do your will TOGETHER. Please Jesus, please find this important enough to help me, to help us. Thank you Jesus. I love you.

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